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Forest Service Region 3 Retiree Organization
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The AMIGOS came into existence in 1968 through the efforts of several dedicated retirees during a camping trip into the Pecos Wilderness. At first the AMIGOS was a very informal organization. In 1980, the AMIGOS became fully organized with elected officers and member approved bylaws. The organization has grown over the years to today's membership of around 400.

Click on the link on the right to read more of the early days of the AMIGOS.

A Look Back in History

The Forest Service has a over a century's worth of history. Many things have changed from when the first Rangers showed up for work. Distances that use to take weeks to cover can now be covered in hours. Communications that took days to receive can now be done in seconds. The AMIGOS, working with the National Museum of Forest Service History, want to remind our members of some of our history by searching the files for interesting bits of the past.

The Evolving National Forest (03/2008)

Today in the Southwestern Region there are 11 National Forests. How did we get to these 11 current forests? Names like the Black Mesa Forest Reserve or the Zuni Forest Reserve or the Crook National Forest keep popping up. How do those old names fit in with today's forests?

Click on the link on the right to open a document that will take you through all the old forest and reserve names and how they transitioned to the 11 nation forests in R3 today.

What were the forest conditions like back in the early days? (03/2008)

Recently the Forest Health Staff, R3, compiled all the insect and disease report for the Southwestern Region, going back to 1918. Click on the link to the right to get an assestment of the conditions that existed in 1918.

The National Museum of Forest Service History (04/2008)

This museum is a non-profit, privately operated, nationally recognized museum organization located in Missoula, Montana. The museum's mission is to collect, preserve, and interpret the entire national history of the USDA Forest Service for the education and enjoyment of the general public, scholars, and historical researchers.

To get the latest status on the museum project, more information on the museum (including a membership application) check out the museum's webpage at http://www.nmfs-history.net/.