Board of Directors

Per the organization by-laws:

The officers shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, and two (2) at large Directors, each of whom shall be elected at the Annual Meeting.

President Emily Irwin
Vice-President Vacant
Secretary Virginia Wistrand
Treasurer Randy Daniels
Director-at-large (2023-2024) Dan Winner
Director-at-large (2024-2025) Jan Polasky

There shall be the following Standing Committees: Meeting Committee, Membership, Communications Committee, and Special Events Committee.

The Board of Directors shall consist of the following members: the above elected officers, the Chairpersons of the above Standing Committees, the immediate past president, and Wagon Master. All members of the Board of Directors are eligible to vote.

Past President Carolyn Aragon 
Roundup Wagonmaster Chuck Hagerdon
Meeting Committee Chair Peggy Jourden
Membership Chair Mike Arias
Communications Committee Chair Cyndie Hogg
Special Events Committee Chair Vacant

Other organization positions that are not members of the board:

Deputy Wagonmaster John Pierson
Newsletter Editor Sandy Roberts
Luncheon Chair Peggy Jourden
Telephone Committee Chair Peggy Jourden
Webmanager Joel Johnstone

Description of Board Positions