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Forest Service Region 3 Retiree Organization
Our next Quarterly Business meeting is October 22, 2020... Hopefully. For more information click Meetings.
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According to the Bylaws any individual who wishes to join the Amigos, participate in their activities and support their programs, and who meets one of the requirements listed below may become a member:

  1. any retired employee of the Forest Service and his/her spouse/significant other, or surviving spouse/significant other;
  2. any current Forest Service employee within five (5) years of retirement, or former employee who was within five years of retirement at the time of leaving the Agency.

Any retiree of a Federal Natural Resources Management agency; and persons of special distinction invited by the Board because of their contribution to the mission of the Forest Service are welcome to become associate members.

Dues for membership are $10.00 a year payable with the application for membership and due annually thereafter at the beginning of the calendar year.

Upon failure to pay dues for one year, members will be dropped from the membership rolls.

If you are interested in joining the AMIGOS, please fill out the membership application found at the link on the right and mail it, along with your dues, to the address given on the form. If you just have a question about membership contact the Amigos Membership Chair.

Want to pay with a credit card or PayPal account? You can enter the Member's name and click the Buy Now button below. You can pay for multiple years by changing the quantity field. Sorry but we have to charge an extra $1 per year for the convenience of using a credit card or PayPal.

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