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Forest Service Region 3 Retiree Organization
Our next Quarterly Business meeting is October 22, 2020... Hopefully. For more information click Meetings.
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The AMIGOS Newsletter is published 4 times a year and mailed to current members. As the AMIGOS Privacy Policy states that no personal information about our members will be published on the web, which prevents us from posting them here.

We are always looking for great stories about retiree's memories of their time in the Forest Service. The deadline for submission is the 15th of the month which is prior to the month of the quarterly luncheon. Send your submissions to the Newsletter Editor.

You can recieve your newsletter electronically directly to your inbox. Some advantages to recieving it elctronically are:

  1. You get it before it would arrive via snail-mail, often times a week or more!
  2. Your newsletter is in color, including any pictures submitted to us in color
  3. You are saving trees by not having a paper copy
  4. You can increase the magnification on your screen so you can read it without glasses
  5. It saves the club printing and mailing costs - which are always climbing - and keeps your dues low.

If you would like to start recieving your newsletter electronically please send an email with your request to the treasurer.